Monday, 2 August 2010

Coco's history -- part 4 -- youthful greed

When I was a librarian's assistant, the money for cage dancing seemed enormous. I still remember -- $100 for a weekend of dancing, versus $7 an hour in the library. Plus, I never saw that library money. Since it was part of a financial aid package, it went straight to my tuition or dorm.

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to hold hard, cold cash in my hot little hands after my dancing weekends.

Then came my cocktail waitress job for $10 an hour. That might not like alot more than the library, but I got paid in cash and made tons of tips. By then, I was pulling in about $400 a week -- about four times my library gig.

I could pay my bills without worrying. I moved out of the crappy dorm room into a cute little apartment. So I should have been happy, right?

No, the human mind is greedy.
The library seemed fine till the exotic dancing came along.
Then the dancing seemed fine till I found out how much cocktail waitresses made.
Then, spending half my days in strip joints, I realized how much more the other girls were making than me. (Waitresses are treated like second-class citizens at these places).
So I got greedy for even more.


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