Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sugar Daddy of all Sugar Daddies

A humorous post!
Speaking of sugar daddies (see below post) here is the Sugar daddy of all Sugar daddies!

Anna Nicole Smith started as a flat-chested, struggling stripper.
Then she met this elderly patron who paid for her breast implants. With her rockin' new boobs, she rocketed off to become a Guess! girl and to marry the 'ol fella. So, for everyone's amusement, here's a little reminder snapshot of what that looked like.

I hope nobody thinks I'm being mean to Anna Nicole Smith. I used to really like her. She was so beautiful when she was young -- something we forget when we look at later, bloated photos of her.

I'm very sad that she died. I know that many moralists look down on her marriage to the guy. But life is complicated and everyone makes different decisions.


  1. Hi! Thanks for replying. I actually started a blog of my own and linked your page with mine. And yes, I think the ANS story is really sad as well. I think a lot of people look down on her or judge her, but it's really tragic. She used to be gorgeous, then she got depressed and lost her looks. And I also think a lot of people took advantage of her. I just think the whole story is very sad, and I don't think people should judge. Like you said, life is complicated.

  2. Bright Lights, Big Titties! I love the name of your blog. And I added you to my list, too.

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