Sunday, 1 August 2010

Coco's history -- part 3 -- student cocktail waitress

The manager told me to pick a fake name then. And since I'm kind "exotic," to use that un-PC term, I picked Coco. I spent all night thinking of that one. Plus, there was a bar in town with a similar name -- Cocobutter or something. I know it's cheezy but, hey, it's a stripper name.

I went to buy some lingerie and shoes and ended up in minor debt.

With the blind optimism of youth, I thought I'd be able to do both jobs -- the cocktail waitress thing and the cage dancing -- AND be a good student.
My college was a good one, but lax. It wasn't Harvard. Basically, if you wrote the papers and passed the exams, nobody cared if you were in class, unless you were in a senior seminar. (At that time, I was SURE my stripping life would be over by then. Ha!)

It was hard. For the second semester, I had to twist and turn to get classes that fell nowhere near 11 am - 4pm, meaning I didn't get my first choices. Here was my basic schedule

Monday - Thursday
9am. Pack stripper stuff in advance.
9:30-11. Eat breakfast in class (professor hated me for it).
11-11:30. Run down to the bar. (Isn't it funny that it was within walking distance of school?)
11:30-noon. Get dressed, do makeup and hair.
Noon-3pm. Work the lunch shift as a cocktail waitress
3-3:3opm. Undress, take off makeup and try to brush out the stupid amount of hairspray in my hair. Take a shower if time
4 pm-5:30pm. Back in class
6pm. Starving. Eat dinner.
Technically, I should have been doing homework at night, but I was often too beat, or too wired.

Friday -- my worse day
Same as above, only with an extra hour of rest from 6-7 pm
8-9 pm. Dress, make-up, hair and go to work
9pm-1am. Work as cage dancer

Free! Free all day! Mostly slept in late and did errands around the house or went grocery shopping.
8-9 pm. Dress, make-up, hair and go to work
9pm-1am. Work as cage dancer

Free! Free all day! Free all night!
This was the only day I was "wound-down" enough to sit down and concentrate on homework.

And that's what I was stripping for, right? To pay for this schooling?

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