Friday, 30 July 2010

How to smell like a stripper

You know American journalism is going downhill when the Albany Times Union writes about how to smell like a stripper.
First, readers expressed surprised that strippers smell nice and wear perfume. Duh. We're entertainers who ply female sexuality. That's our job -- to look nice and smell nice.
Anyway, their picks were "Very Sexy" by Victoria Secret and "M" by Mariah Carey.

Here's how I stay smelling nice.
Shower right before work.
Have NO excess body hair, bad breath, etc.
Put on deoderant in advance, and then wipe off if there is black light.
Spritz Chanel No. 5 right before going on.
After a dance, I clean off with Baby Wipes, and the reapply perfume.

Chanel No. 5 is expensive. But I think it has a great, baby-powder-sweet smell that is a pleasant surprise. Men expected heavy, cloying cheap perfume from us, and I give them a light, clean, classy innocent smell that brings to mind vintage sex symbols, like Marilyn Monroe.
It's always good to surprise people.

What do you wear?


  1. Thank you for all your posts! I'm addicted, I went back and read every post. So helpful!
    I love the idea of smelling more like Marilyn Monroe, rather than a pixie stick or something :)


  2. Bath and Body Works Rice Flower and Shea (it's discontinued...but its such a warm comfortable scent)

  3. I wear Hanai Mori, Flower by Kenzo, or Ed Hardy. All expensive! It's the best way to go. Smelling classy/expensive gets the more $$$ customers. :-). Keep up the awesome blogs!! Xoxo

  4. Kaye -- Pixie sticks! I love it! :)

    Become a Stripper -- I hear you. I used to love Body Shop's Vanilla scented stuff, then they stopped it. And -- very young -- I liked a vanilla-musk scent, and they stopped it, too. So, at least one thing with Chanel 5 is that it will never go out of fashion.

    Anonymous -- Thank you. I am blown away by all the comments today!

  5. By the way, is Flower by Kenzo the one with the long, curved clear bottle, that has a bright red flower in it? I love how it looks!

  6. Kaye -- I just stopped by your budding site and added you to my blog list.

    Be careful, sweetie. You're 17, allegedly a virgin and part of the reason you want to strip is because you feel an incontrollable attraction to older men.

    Don't forget that stripping is a hard, cold business. You may have to strip for people you find repulsive.

    And you DEFINITELY don't want to let your customers get involved with you personally, EVER, no matter how attractive they are.

    Especially if you are a young, inexperienced girl -- you'll get your heart broken, or worse.

    You also say you want to strip to pay off school loans -- that is a MUCH better reason.
    Just keep your eye on the ball (paying tuition) and play things very safe.

    Sorry for the lecture. I must be becoming an old woman. :)
    xx, Coco

  7. No it's fine, I understand what you're saying. The main reason is for school loans, just the possibility of dancing for someone that can fit into my fantasies is a hopeful bonus. It will help keep me sane and possibly stop me from putting myself in really sticky situations time and time again. Well, that may actually only make sense to me.. (: But I really do appreciate you trying to help me!
    Oh when I read allegedly, I was like does that mean.. you think I'm lying?.. hahah

    And thank you so much for adding me to your blog list! That was so nice!


  8. Hi Kaye -- No, I didn't mean to imply you're lying. :( Must be more careful with my words here.
    Good luck to you out there!

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